Saturday night was a date night to remember. 

With Chris working full-time and traveling, we are learning that time together is something we just don't have enough of (like we could really get enough of each other). With thirty-plus percent chance of rain forcasted  all day and all night, we had planned a date night to the movies to see Moon Rise Kingdom, the Wes Anderson film our friends have raved over, but the cool gulf breeze lured us to do otherwise. 

Let me back up and say our little town, Ocean Springs, MS is quite the charmer, and with our days here quickly dwindling we are soaking up as much of it as we can: driving the beach anytime there is a chance, biking the bridge, shopping the fresh market, eating at our favorite restaurants, OR eating our favorite restaurant's food at our favorite spot. 

This was no ordinary picnic. This was a tremendous effort from a patient husband. This was fancy. This was fun. We packed up my latest DIY project (the sweet teak-topped folding table), the kitchen latter backs, a few of our favorite wedding gifts, a bottle of wine, and Chef Scott's takeout. With no distractions from being inside a restaurant (I am an AVID people watcher), we talked and talked until well after the sun went down. 

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