Fridays have historically been a day for treats, and by historically I mean, my whole life. 
When I was young it meant an after school stop at the gas station for an ICEE with mom, which recently evolved into Iced Chai teas from our favorite local spot. 
These sweet visits are something I already miss. a lot. 

So here I am at noon. Still in my PJs. Blogging (with the dove chocolate candy jar at arms length). Fully enjoying my last Friday of being a stay-at- home wife. Only, let me tell you it's not ALWAYS so glamorous... yesterday was a little rough. I don't want to bore you with the details... but I was certainly in need of some TLC (a day early). With the hubby at work, and not knowing a soul in this town-- I was the only person for the job. 

I plugged the nearest TJ Maxx into my iPhone maps and indulged myself in a little retail therapy. 

a few treats:

I could just root around in this store for hours (and I did). I started with a full buggy (hoping Chris could appreciate how much I put back) and left only with:

a bicycle journal (and I have a reason for this one!)La Petite Presse thank yous (my weakness)Cute cross body bag (to replace the one my sister adopted)And a date night dress in my favorite summer hue

Yay! for the weekend. Be kind to yourselves today, friends.

*Chris was not convinced by my putting things back method, and we had a executive budget committee meeting to follow... I do not recommend online shopping during said meeting. 

* *I am not encouraging reckless or excessive spending. 

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