This is what I chose for Monday's words of encouragement. Well Christine it's Tuesday... yes.  You know those times where there are just no words? Monday was one of those times. I'd like to say that this blog is a happy place, but it is also a place for me to share what is on my mind. My heart is heavy this week in light of the tragic shooting of a peer that took place a Mississippi State this weekend. This event certainly changed the way that I looked at this quote that I wanted to share with you.

" You're not as breakable as you think," but might I add that life itself is incredibly fragile.  So may we all live strong, but not wreck less. Challenge ourselves. Live out of our comfort zones. Show love and kindness to everyone we meet. Give a hug, or two, or one hundred. May we enjoy this lovely day we've been given. 

Feeling thankful for those I love, and lovin' those of you who are taking time to read my blog-- thank you!

A little quirk about my Fiance and I-- We LOVE to sing to each other.
Are we good at it?-- No, But that is somewhat of a non-issue. We make up songs (absolutely ridiculous songs) and have an extensive repertoire of covers in all genres. Chris is musically talented-- he plays guitar, ukulele, and banjo (there is just nothing more cute than seeing this bearded guy play bluegrass). Let me just say, what I lack in technical skills, I make up for with passion and volume. 

I didn't think much about this silly habit-- it's just something we do, but it never fails to make me laugh in the midst of a stressful situation. Hearing him belt out his favorite music like I'm not even in the car makes me very happy. Making up songs brings joy to mundane tasks. 

Today's post was inspired by this feature story I ran across--You can read the story and watch the video here. (I think you'll really enjoy it).

I am a hopeless romantic. Please, excuse the sappiness.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Loretta Quesinberry. I have no idea who these people are, but their story brought tears to my eyes in the middle of McCool Hall's bustling atrium. They dated for 7 years, were married young, on a Sunday (this all sounds familiar), 65 years ago. How rich to have such a lifetime of love-- I can only hope for so much time to be married to Chris Woods.  

Part of planning a beautiful wedding is planning a beautiful marriage. Mr. Author's advice to a long marriage is, "plan a long honeymoon and don't ever come back" Hmmm... I think we will!  

Sunday, May 27, 2012 is getting close! We applied for our North Carolina marriage liscense this week-YAY! and I sent back the final changes to our invitation proofs. 

Sappy songs that make me smile:

Wouldn't It Be Nice- The Beach Boys
You and Me- Penny and the Quarters
Sea of Love- Cat Power
Can't Help Falling in Love- Elvis PresleyIngrid Michaelson, or Bob Dylan (great song)
Speaking of Ingrid... You and I 
or on a more serious note.. You and I  by Wilco
Always Remember Me- Ry Cumming
Everywhere- Vampire Weekend (cover)
Green Eyes- Coldplay
Marry Song- Band of Horses
Easy Girl- Coconut Records
I Love How You Love Me- The Paris Sisters

*photo credit goes to Gerry Melendez at The State Media Company
** I don't own above videos... just showing some link love

It's going to take a little a lot of caffeine to get me through the to-do list I have for today.
Back to Starkville. Back to school. Back to the job search. Back to wedding planning.
Happy Monday! 

Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life? Luke 12:25

This Monday called for a collage of good words-- My to-do list is 1,000 pages long, so I need all of the encouragement I can get. 

I started Spring Break last Friday with a little R&R-- okay, so it wasn't exactly optional. It was Loratab induced rest and not so much relaxation as I was in bed with a Kidney stone, which somewhat delayed my productivity. In my medicated fog I was checking emails, browsing Pinterest, and thinking (and worrying) about how behind I was on that extensive list of things to be doing. 

Now it's a rainy Monday... How am I supposed to get ANYTHING done when the conditions are so ideal for napping?? 

I think I'll go ahead and start whittling away at my list-- finding joy in the journey. 

Happy Monday!

(Image reblogged from Sarah Fritzler)

Let's talk for a second about being the oldest of three girls.
It is not, and never has been, an easy job. Growing up I kept very busy overseeing dress-up to coordinating dances and elaborate fashion shows--- well, I'll just sum it by by saying I LOVE telling people what to do.

I think the grown-up word for that is Leadership, well I was a natural born leader. 

Years down the road, (but I still haven't put dress-up behind me) and I find myself at a the critical crossroads of what to do with a marketing degree... 

I am organized. I am bossy  a leader. I am creative.... 
An event planner-- perfect!

I am now taking what I learned with my internship at Occasions by Emily and using it to plan my own wedding-- with lots of help from Emily :) and many other amazing vendors I met last summer (I introduced them in a previous post-- each of them are amazing)

Before my internship I thought the bride walks down the aisle, they make some promises, kiss, cut the cake, go through the buffet, dance, go home-- NO. That is expected. Planning an event is about entertaining. It's about the unexpected. It's about SURPRISES! and boy do I have a few of those up my sleeve. 

I just finished up my most recent DIY (I will not tell. I will not tell. I will not tell.) With under 3 months left there is not much time left to spare, so I will be moving on to my next project-- A seating chart. 

Let me bring this post full circle (thanks for bearing with me). Even guest love being told what to do-- (okay, so I can think of a few of my guest who would rather not). Seating charts ensure a smooth flow and get rid of that awkward scrambling for a chair thing. 

Question: So why am I excited about doing this?? 
Answer: Escort cards! 

Take a look at these little pretties...

I have been totally lost in the blogosphere looking at these beauties and have been pinning like crazy! (follow me here).  From simple, yet elegant calligraphy cards to a bundle of blossoms for each guest, there are so many lovely ways to direct your guest to where they are going to sit. 

Well, looks like I'll be making a trip to the craft store this weekend!

I feel as though there is no day more perfect for words of encouragement than Monday.
Reflecting back I could not have been more surrounded by love and encouraging words. 

Today started with puppy kisses from Leon-- my sisters adorable golden retriever. 
Then a good morning text during class from my fiance--my fav. 
Frozen Yogurt with a friend-- LOTS of encouragement involved....
A call from Mom. A call from Dad. Later on a call from Mom AND Dad-- yes, on speaker. 
A call from my sweet bridesmaid who just got her dress delivered. (It looks Beeeautiful!)
A text from Honey (my high-tech grandma who is also on Facebook AND Pinterest).
Talking to a couple of my favorite people in the state of North Carolina:
my wonderful  my planner (She is the best),
and my cousin, Presley.

and in the midst of all this the Biology test I was dreading doesn't seem so huge. 

So, I'll share the love-- Happy Monday, y'all!

Today, I wrapped up a wonderful weekend with a Sunday picnic with my Fiancé. A beautiful, breezy day followed a weekend of looming clouds and threats of scary weather, but I didn't let that get me down! 

A few weekend favorites: 

Staying in Starkville and catching up on some much needed R & R

Sushi date night complete with Red Box movie

Experiencing my little cousins' very first time at MSU-- complete with Little Dooey's BBQ and Coldstone Creamery and listening to stories of running around the drill field, seeing the chapel where their parents were married, and basketball and baseball games. Lauren brought me the sweetest scrapbook page she made of Chris and I adorned with wedding trappings-- Yes, that would be page one in the Woods scrapbook.  ( and I think I may have recruited another crafter in the family!)

Wedding Crafts-- (I'm dying to put photos up, but I don't want to spoil the surprises)

Antitique-ing... Searching for the perfect flea-market touches for our romantic-vintage affair.

..... and my least favorite-- Biology test Monday. Bleh. Back to studying.