I love beautiful things. 
Simple. Girly. Shiny. Vintage. I am a romantic.
 I have loved fairy tales since I was a little girl, and I am almost certain that I am living one. My favorite?-- well it's an absolute toss-up between Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast (maybe because I am somewhat partial to brunette princesses).

Today, I am giving a sneak peek of my photography final project inspired by Cinderella. A special thanks to very dear friends who made my vision happen. Kelsey Marx-- lovely inside and out (I'm sure you will agree) and Jonathon Giuffria (lucky for me he is experienced in the role of Prince Charming).

I will be presenting these Thursday... Wish me luck!

Thank you, Natalie Portman, for this Monday mantra. With finals just around the corner, I'm sure for some reason or another many of you are just as distracted and unmotivated as I am. 

I think I can... I think I can... and I KNOW that you can!
Wishing all my friends and readers a beautiful and productive Monday. 
You can do it.  

Happy Easter!

... after a weekend spent celebrating with family and friends I am back in Starkville with a very busy week ahead of me. A lot is happening with less than 50 day until I am married, so for the sake of my sanity (and more importantly my relationship) I shut off the phone all weekend and just played! It was an amazing weekend on the Mississippi Gulf Coast-- it would not be a stretch to say that it was perfect. 
Bike rides. Farmers market. Picnic in Audubon park. Lion King on Broadway in New Orleans. Easter bunny. Beach walks. Time with BOTH my families.  Life could not get much sweeter. 

53 days until I am married to this handsome fella. (The cutie on the right would be Leon, our neph-dog). These two stepped in for a last-minute photography-class portrait assignment, and I must say I LOVE this shot....mostly because of the subject matter. 

My groom is a constant source of inspiration. He has been active in the planning process since the day I agreed to marry him. Picking a date. Re-picking a date. Choosing a venue. Traveling to Asheville. Re-choosing a venue. Catering tasting. Cake tasting. Menu. Invitations. Crafts. and Music. We have put lots of love into each decision to create a day that captures both of our styles beautifully. 

I am tremendously excited about the bluegrass string trio that will be playing our ceremony and cocktail hour. Beautiful music and instruments will be the perfect touch to our North Carolina backyard wedding. At the top of this weeks to-do list: selecting tunes. 

Chris has been home on the coast this week, but I got the most delightful call telling me he ordered the dreamy JCrew suit that I love! Not only that, but making our wedding signs and picking out his wedding band-- my groom is on a role! (I should probably take note).

**All photos can be found on my Pinterest boards. Click here to follow me.

Wish me luck!

Today I have an Animal Biology test-- yes, that would be a freshman level science class. I decided 10 O'clock this morning would be the best time to start studying... and two hours later I could not look at another picture of the male anatomy and decided it was time to call it quits.  Maybe it was the scrambled eggs and O.J. served to me by my sweet sister/roomie this morning, but I am feeling great!

Please, tell me what is more adorable than these elephant good luck charms: One Kings Lane ceramic figurine, Dogeared  wish necklace (also in yellow gold), and photograph found on Pinterest.  

For those of you who know me, this should come as no surprise. For those of you who don't, it should be known that I am a Type A personality through and through, and just to add to that I am also an absolute perfectionist. Well, it's a constant battle, but I refuse to let perfection steel my joy. 

Feeling grateful for grace on this Monday.