As if I don't lose my iphone enough already...

How great is this Agent18 woodgrain iphone case?? (They have lots of other great patterns for the season... Gold chevron. Fall florals. Snazzy solids.) Just one of my goodies from a shopping day with Mama and Honey. Today we are off to play in Fayetteville. Oh, happy day!

Have you been dreaming about your wedding day basically forever? I did. 

Pictured right: My sister and I ages approximately four and six. Just a typical day around the house... I am dressed in a full length, polyester bridal gown, carrying my mom's bouquet wearing my grandma's veil which shows sign's of being well loved. These things were not preserved, safely tucked away in boxes in the deepest, darkest parts of a closet. They were in a vintage dress-up trunk that sat at the foot of our bunk beds among tutus, sequined get-ups, and my aunts' old prom dresses. 

Depending on the day, Cathryn was my dedicated bridesmaid (dressed for the occasion in a rockin' 90s sweatsuit), or my partner in a grand ballet production, or sitting by my side watching Disney movies in formal gowns. My oldest friend.

....and then there were three. 
Three girls. Three girly girls. 

Fifteen years later and these two stood beside me on my real, live wedding day. 
To them I am so grateful. 

This morning I am opening a few windows to let in the fall air. Wrapped in an afghan knitted with love by the hands of a sweet friend. Sipping Chai tea. Enjoying my home. 

When making our move, Chris and I were on a short timeline for finding a place to live. Things worked out nearly perfectly, but a huge draw back of our place was the lack of a balcony or an outdoor space. We clearly haven't hurt for time out-of-doors, but our most recent solution:

Bring the outdoors inside. 

How so? House plants. 

This cactus and succulent tablescape breathes new life into our little loft. 

We started this project with a variety of terracotta pots from 2"- 6" and some high-gloss white paint left over from another project. It was as simple as painting different sections of the pots for a more modern feel, with one quick, messy brush stoke. (not easy for a perfectionist, but quite liberating.) 
One brush stroke. I mean it. 

We picked out a variety of plants based on shapes and textures we love... This shopping trip proved to be a little dangerous. We learned AFTER we had completely red and thorny hands that there were gloves you can wear when handling these bad boys.  I recommend using them.   

Notice a critical step is not photographed.... things got messy. Real messy. Remember how I said we don't have a balcony?? This re-potting project took place right on our kitchen table. A before and after would have been appropriate (and entertaining). We don't have the greenest thumbs around, but the information card said they were resilient.. let's hope so. Surely we can provide at least as much nourishment as a desert, right?? I'll keep you posted. 

In the mean time they sure do make a pretty center piece. 

The social [media] event of the season

Chris and I diligently planned our Black Mountain, NC wedding for six month. Every detail from weekend itineraries down to the seating chart was in place, but naturally one of my very favorite aspects of our wedding was unplanned. I want to clue you in because with a little extra planning, social media can take your event to the next level. 

1. #Hashtag 
An official wedding hashtag is an excellent way to organize all your post into one place. Our wedding party had the most fun coming up with this, and the fun didn't stop there. Come up with something catchy, or just use your last names! This would be great to include with your invitation (not formal of course), on your wedding website, or on a hand painted sign. Guests love being involved, and an official hashtag is a fun way to do it.

2. Live tweet  
How cool it was to see #weddingofthewoods trending in Black mountain... I felt almost famous. From rehearsal dinner to the trip home I knew what my guest were up to and that they were having a great time! We appointed our wittiest group of friends to live tweet the day. The chronological tweets allowed us to relive our wedding the next day, and the next, and the next. I recommend finding a way to back up these tweets if you want to revisit them. Unlike Instagram, your twitter hashtag has an expiration date.

3. InstaWedding
That hashtag comes in handy on Instagram too! In addition to the professionals, let your guests get creative! From their favorite details to silly moments, seeing the day through the eyes of your most loved family and friends... Awesome!


4. Facebook
Sharing photos, receiving warm wishes, and finally, that moment when you get to change your last name and go from being engaged to married! 
Something I really enjoyed was using Facebook to get to know my photographer and videographer better, and seeing sneak peeks as they edited my photos. It is important if you choose to share your professional photographs on Facebook that you talk to your photographer first-- give them proper credit and respect their art.

5. Live Stream
Although we did have a videographer, this is something I would have loved to have done to include my precious guests unable to attend. Ustream is offers free steaming, and from what I understand you have the option to make it public or private. 

Chris and I enjoyed sharing our wedding on social media because we were able to include more people than would have ever been possible in light of our destination wedding. This worked for us, but it is important to find what works for you and communicate that to your guest. That could mean a sign sharing your official hashtag or a clever way of asking them please not to use theirs phones or cameras, whatever your preference may be. Etiquette is slow to catch up with the ever evolving platforms... So be cautious! And when in doubt... Google.

When the fall weather rolled in... Chris and I could not resist playing outside. 
Our packs were packed before you could say sixty-five degrees and our projects were left with their first coats of paint to dry while we were on our way to Fern, AR. 

We set up camp with a dear friend from college, poped opened some craft beers and cheers-ed to those missing. The night was complete with chilly air, fleece, fire, s'mores (made with dove dark chocolate)  and stars. I slept in a hammock for the first time... It was a dream. Waking up to breathe in cold, fresh air. Nearly rolling out. Blogging camp-fire side with some fruity green tea. Climbing on rocks.

If there's one piece of advice we could pass to anyone fast approaching grown-up life it's play like a kid as hard as you can, whenever you can.... It makes the bills and long work weeks okay. 

For photos follow  @missc_woods on instagram

** photo above via pinterest 

Hi, friends. 

After six weeks of training, I'm home. 
I was greeted by a loving husband, a home-cooked meal, and a beautiful sofa-- the best welcome home party ever. 

Even though the big, empty space in our living room is filled, there is lots to be done to cozy up this loft. I am loving this Anthropologie piece by Joetta Maue [here] but it is wayyyy out of these newly weds price range. It's great inspiration for a DIY project and makes me not feel so weird for being attracted to vintage linens. 

We've got a couple house projects going on this weekend... We will be throwing open all of the windows and enjoying this fantastic fall weather. It will not be so long before you hear from us again. Photos to come soon!

The Woods