(Thank you notes from rifle design)

Feeling extra grateful this week after a fun-filled weekend of engagement festivities.
The party was an absolute blast! Chris and I are feeling super grateful to our families who made it happen so smoothly (they did not miss a detail-- and the planner in me has to applaud that). Every detail was beautiful (pictures to come) and most importantly we had an amazing group of friends there to show their support.

How lucky am I to have had all of my grandparents there to share in my special night? Even my 96 year old great -grandmother (she just got her drivers liscense renewed until 100)-- Amazing woman!

Chris and I finished our first round of Thank Yous last night. We had a great time doing those together! I am sure there will be many more in our future, as we have so much to be thankful for.   

Engagement party today!
Feeling especially grateful for the family, friends, and people in our community who have helped with this tremendous collaborative effort..... oh, yes. and the amazing weather! 
Our party will be in a stunning New Orleans Style Courtyard in Downtown Ocean Springs--complete with a jazz band.

Chris and I are up bright and early to check out an estate sale for furniture for our new home (where ever it may be) and then it will be a long day of party preparation. Like my dad says-- find joy in the journey. This whole planning process has been so much fun-- It didn't take me long to see my parents (with the help of MANY) had it well under control. So while they pull together the details and deliveries on-site, I will be taking care of my own preparations.... primping we'll call it.. for engagement pictures this afternoon with Neil Ladner at Gulf Portraits

Started my day off with getting primped for engagement festivities. Such a treat! 
I have driven 270 miles for a cut and color from this spectacular salon, and I have a feeling that in the future I will drive even farther.

 Another hair favorite, it's a must really. 

Happy Monday!

Today was a beautiful day following tornado warnings through the night (scary!).
I'm definately beging to feel the pull between school and wedding planning-- but as with everything in life, balance is key. For the last hour and a half I have been trying to convince myself that browsing Pinterest absolutely counts as studying for my photography class. None-the-less, today was quite productive- I made it to both classes (on time!), had lunch with a friend, studied (a little), and exercised (well, rollerbladed).

Lots more wedding fun this week as I continue to work on contracts with our wonderful vendors in Asheville, NC. Annnnd... the dress search continues this week in Jackson, MS. 

While Saturdays trip was special time spent with my sisters, mom, and mom-to-be I didn't find THE dress...
According to the bridal shop I've waited a tad bit late (okay, way late) to start the search. If I have to wear a garbage bag, I will marry Chris Woods on May 27, 2012.

This is a little what I feel like right now...

I've got my wedding planner hat.
My Fiancee hat.
Ah, Yes.. My student hat.

And I'm wearing them all at the same time.
It's silly, I know.

Dress shopping today!

New Orleans, LA. One of my favorite cities and home of my future in-laws.

Something else white that I won't be passing up...


It's already time for another trip home to the beautiful Ocean Springs, MS. 

The drive up Hwy 45 through north Mississippi is know for being uneventful. There are pastures with cows, pastures with horses, annnddd that's about it! Chris band me from driving freshman year, so I have now become expert side seat driver (proof that I'm much better at delegating than doing) and official DJ (things can get interesting). 

What do I love about these four hour drives? The time with my Fiance. If we can have fun on these car rides, we can have fun doing anything!

Joy in the journey. 

Hearing my alarm clock go off at 6 this morning was initially daunting-- I was almost sure I would not make it out of bed, much less to my 7 o'clock College of Business Ambassador meeting this morning!

The sun came out for the first time in a while here in Starkville, and lucky me-- I got to see it rise.
Cold weather means I get to wear my JCrew down puff jacket and drink lots of hot, green tea!

9am-- Retailing
Emails, Emails, Pinterest, and more Emails....
1pm--Animal Biology

Save the Dates are going out this week!

After much hard work, We* spent this weekend putting the finishing touches on our crafts and getting them packaged up. I must admit I'm a little afraid to place these darlings in the hands of the postal service. There's a lot of love in these sweet packages being delivered from the East Coast to the West Coast.

If you're wondering what's inside, you'll have to come back next week!

*Chris (my AMAZING fiancé), Honey (my adorable grandmother--who you will get to know very well because she is an intricate part of wedding planning), Boo Boo (my crafty aunt, Amy), Cathryn (beautiful middle sister) and myself (bride-to-be).

I ordered these handy boxes from Paper Mart. They have a wonderful selection of packaging supplies for affordable prices with quick shipping. The blush raffia came from our local Michaels, as did the textured, gold paper used for the tag.

New Year, New Me

Hey Y'all. Long time, no blog?.. Yes. I absolutely fell into a deep black hole last semester (some time around Labor Day apparently).  I have missed blogging (as well as most everything else beautiful, fun, and extravagant)  So, along with spiritual, physical, and fiscal goals I have set  for 2012, I am resolving to try my hand at blogging once more.

There is much to toast to this year, as I got engaged to my high school sweet heart over the Thanksgiving holiday. We rang in the New Year in Asheville, NC on a trip filled with site visits, tastings, and much more wedding fun! We stayed in a charming mountain cabin whose owners delivered fresh eggs and bread in the mornings-- it was a dream! To top off the trip-- it snowed! I love being engaged to an out-doorsy man because he can whip up a fire in no time at all- so we snuggled up and tried to imagine the things this year would have in store for us.

I will use my blog as a place to share the things that inspire and motivate during this most wonderful year (and hopefully many more to come) in hopes that I can inspire and motivate others. I will share with you all the fun and the challenges that come with wedding planning-- crafts, fashion, workouts, fiancee duties, oh yeah--school, job hunting,  (maybe a few breakdowns??)