New Year, New Me

Hey Y'all. Long time, no blog?.. Yes. I absolutely fell into a deep black hole last semester (some time around Labor Day apparently).  I have missed blogging (as well as most everything else beautiful, fun, and extravagant)  So, along with spiritual, physical, and fiscal goals I have set  for 2012, I am resolving to try my hand at blogging once more.

There is much to toast to this year, as I got engaged to my high school sweet heart over the Thanksgiving holiday. We rang in the New Year in Asheville, NC on a trip filled with site visits, tastings, and much more wedding fun! We stayed in a charming mountain cabin whose owners delivered fresh eggs and bread in the mornings-- it was a dream! To top off the trip-- it snowed! I love being engaged to an out-doorsy man because he can whip up a fire in no time at all- so we snuggled up and tried to imagine the things this year would have in store for us.

I will use my blog as a place to share the things that inspire and motivate during this most wonderful year (and hopefully many more to come) in hopes that I can inspire and motivate others. I will share with you all the fun and the challenges that come with wedding planning-- crafts, fashion, workouts, fiancee duties, oh yeah--school, job hunting,  (maybe a few breakdowns??)



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