Happy Monday!

Today was a beautiful day following tornado warnings through the night (scary!).
I'm definately beging to feel the pull between school and wedding planning-- but as with everything in life, balance is key. For the last hour and a half I have been trying to convince myself that browsing Pinterest absolutely counts as studying for my photography class. None-the-less, today was quite productive- I made it to both classes (on time!), had lunch with a friend, studied (a little), and exercised (well, rollerbladed).

Lots more wedding fun this week as I continue to work on contracts with our wonderful vendors in Asheville, NC. Annnnd... the dress search continues this week in Jackson, MS. 

While Saturdays trip was special time spent with my sisters, mom, and mom-to-be I didn't find THE dress...
According to the bridal shop I've waited a tad bit late (okay, way late) to start the search. If I have to wear a garbage bag, I will marry Chris Woods on May 27, 2012.

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