Home, sweet home. Yep-- Chris and I have just finalized the details on our new apartment! Maybe I should back up a bit.... In April, Chris accepted a position with Stein LTC (a long term health care company that owns and manages nursing homes) as the Director of Risk Management. This position did call for a relocation.... to Fort Smith, AR. And that is where we found our charming little tiny apartment: the Ivory House Lofts. Exposed piping. Hardwoods. Giant windows. -- it is just a dream! I am just so excited to begin decorating. Our official move date is July 25th, and until then we will be living in my lovely hometown of Ocean Springs. Right now I am enjoying the sweet life of being a housewife-- a much needed sabbatical-- but come July 30th I will begin training for a management position with Target. 

May I present to you: Mr. and Mrs. Woods

The valley in Black Mountain, NC in which we were married was not large enough to hold the love, joy, and excitement that was present among ourselves and our guest on May 27,2012. As we were presented by our pastors, cheers echoed in the mountains and up into heaven. It was the day that I dreamed about since meeting Chris in 2005-- crazy as it sounds, I just knew I'd never want to be without him. Surrounded by our dearest family and friends, we tied the knot at a quaint bed in breakfast that we love very much. I cannot wait to share more photographs of our day with you, my friends, and begin catching you up on the lives of the Woods. Clearly, my blog title is no longer suitable. You will start seeing many changes soon as this space evolves with us. 

Christine Woods

Photo Credit: Neil Ladner, Gulfportraits
Photographed: Rev. Chris Cumbest and Rev. Sheila Cumbest