This morning I am opening a few windows to let in the fall air. Wrapped in an afghan knitted with love by the hands of a sweet friend. Sipping Chai tea. Enjoying my home. 

When making our move, Chris and I were on a short timeline for finding a place to live. Things worked out nearly perfectly, but a huge draw back of our place was the lack of a balcony or an outdoor space. We clearly haven't hurt for time out-of-doors, but our most recent solution:

Bring the outdoors inside. 

How so? House plants. 

This cactus and succulent tablescape breathes new life into our little loft. 

We started this project with a variety of terracotta pots from 2"- 6" and some high-gloss white paint left over from another project. It was as simple as painting different sections of the pots for a more modern feel, with one quick, messy brush stoke. (not easy for a perfectionist, but quite liberating.) 
One brush stroke. I mean it. 

We picked out a variety of plants based on shapes and textures we love... This shopping trip proved to be a little dangerous. We learned AFTER we had completely red and thorny hands that there were gloves you can wear when handling these bad boys.  I recommend using them.   

Notice a critical step is not photographed.... things got messy. Real messy. Remember how I said we don't have a balcony?? This re-potting project took place right on our kitchen table. A before and after would have been appropriate (and entertaining). We don't have the greenest thumbs around, but the information card said they were resilient.. let's hope so. Surely we can provide at least as much nourishment as a desert, right?? I'll keep you posted. 

In the mean time they sure do make a pretty center piece. 


  1. what a perfect choice in plants,. you have a nice eye for decorating with greenary . i think that would have been fun to be a fly on the wall to see that potting done on the kitchen table. Good for yall for working with what you had, very resourceful you are. barbara

  2. Cute blog.
    I noticed that you started following me on instagram today and out of curiosity snooped around yours and found your blog.
    I also love that you and your husband rock climb as I, myself, love to climb. :]


  3. Mom-- You would have gotten a real kick out of it. We'll have to do some more planting when you come visit!

    Erin-- Thank you so much for coming by :) I am enjoying following your instagram! You've got a great eye for pretty things.

  4. LOVE these house plants. I need to get some for the bathroom after the renovations are complete...which may be sometime in 2015. :) Anyway, I really like the idea of using succulents.