I feel as though there is no day more perfect for words of encouragement than Monday.
Reflecting back I could not have been more surrounded by love and encouraging words. 

Today started with puppy kisses from Leon-- my sisters adorable golden retriever. 
Then a good morning text during class from my fiance--my fav. 
Frozen Yogurt with a friend-- LOTS of encouragement involved....
A call from Mom. A call from Dad. Later on a call from Mom AND Dad-- yes, on speaker. 
A call from my sweet bridesmaid who just got her dress delivered. (It looks Beeeautiful!)
A text from Honey (my high-tech grandma who is also on Facebook AND Pinterest).
Talking to a couple of my favorite people in the state of North Carolina:
my wonderful  my planner (She is the best),
and my cousin, Presley.

and in the midst of all this the Biology test I was dreading doesn't seem so huge. 

So, I'll share the love-- Happy Monday, y'all!


  1. This is too cute.
    Monday's always call for encouragement!

  2. Thank you, Hannah! Knowing someone is reading my blog is encouraging any day!