Let's talk for a second about being the oldest of three girls.
It is not, and never has been, an easy job. Growing up I kept very busy overseeing dress-up to coordinating dances and elaborate fashion shows--- well, I'll just sum it by by saying I LOVE telling people what to do.

I think the grown-up word for that is Leadership, well I was a natural born leader. 

Years down the road, (but I still haven't put dress-up behind me) and I find myself at a the critical crossroads of what to do with a marketing degree... 

I am organized. I am bossy  a leader. I am creative.... 
An event planner-- perfect!

I am now taking what I learned with my internship at Occasions by Emily and using it to plan my own wedding-- with lots of help from Emily :) and many other amazing vendors I met last summer (I introduced them in a previous post-- each of them are amazing)

Before my internship I thought the bride walks down the aisle, they make some promises, kiss, cut the cake, go through the buffet, dance, go home-- NO. That is expected. Planning an event is about entertaining. It's about the unexpected. It's about SURPRISES! and boy do I have a few of those up my sleeve. 

I just finished up my most recent DIY (I will not tell. I will not tell. I will not tell.) With under 3 months left there is not much time left to spare, so I will be moving on to my next project-- A seating chart. 

Let me bring this post full circle (thanks for bearing with me). Even guest love being told what to do-- (okay, so I can think of a few of my guest who would rather not). Seating charts ensure a smooth flow and get rid of that awkward scrambling for a chair thing. 

Question: So why am I excited about doing this?? 
Answer: Escort cards! 

Take a look at these little pretties...

I have been totally lost in the blogosphere looking at these beauties and have been pinning like crazy! (follow me here).  From simple, yet elegant calligraphy cards to a bundle of blossoms for each guest, there are so many lovely ways to direct your guest to where they are going to sit. 

Well, looks like I'll be making a trip to the craft store this weekend!

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