Have you ever been browsing Pinterest, Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, or a wedding blog of the like, and fallen in love? Maybe it's the elaborate tablescape set with grandma's finest antiques (set only for eight)  surrounded by amazing mix-matched chairs. Or maybe a full-lenth, sequined table linen with modern chairs (not found at your neighbor hood rental store). You might have to have the charming row boat from this Anne of Green Gables shoot (my current obsession) regardless of how near or far your wedding is from any water source! Your secret love might even be for this ultra boho beach wedding (If you love your grandparents I encourage you to resist this urge... unless they're really cool grandparents.)

My love?

Photo credit: Yan Photography Full feature: Utah Bride
It was like I got engaged and my childhood dream of not only becoming a bride, but becoming a ballerina came exploding out of me! (Sometime I'll have to tell you the story of signing up for ballet lessons... in college ...Mid, mid life crisis?) 

I found the above dress on pinterest, and that's where this love affair began. "No-- I don't need to go dress shopping, Mom." This was my dress! Problem? Well, it was one of those dreaded pins we all hate. The ones that lead to nowhere. After weeks of scouring the internet-- and I mean tearing the world wide web apart-- I found it. In Utah. 


and lets make this long story short.  It was completely custom made. and blew my entire budget out of the water. So, I went dress shopping.... 

I won't go in to detail about the details of this shoot that I love because this post would get way long (and I reeaally should get to packing since I am moving today.) I think these images speak for themselves. What I would like to talk about today is EXPECTATIONS. an incredibly important part of weddings (if you want to have the best experience), relationships, and well-- life. 

Managing expectations is something I really had to learn because I live in a huge fantasy world in my head. When Chris and I were 16 the poor guy hardly stood a chance. I was all about romance. Having doors opened for me. Flowers all. the. time. and grand gestures. Somehow we were able to meet in the middle. He is the perfect gentleman, and I manage to come down to earth for visits. 

When you are browsing Pinterest and planning your dream wedding (whether you are engaged or not, it's okay), try and remember that many of the images are for INSPIRATION. Many of them are not real-- there is no family or friends seated around that gorgeous tablescape, and while the pictures are PERFECT, that would not make for the perfect wedding. 

My wedding dress turned out to be nothing like the dress of my "dreams", but it was amazing. From the shoot above I drew inspiration for my wedding color palette and soft feminine touches I loved, but I did not literally dance down the aisle in stunning point shoes and did not have yellow gold flatware. 

So, my advice? Pull what you love from styled shoots and be creative to do it within your budget while finding ways to manage your expectations. You will be a much happier bride :) and your wedding WILL be amazing (even when you think it won't)... and when looking through wedding blogs remember, "Comparison is the thief of joy" one of my favorite quotes by Theodore Roosevelt. It is your day, it is sacred, and it should be joyful.  

I've talked about the styled wedding shoot I've worked on with Paige Reaux Photography. We are hoping to bring lots of inspiration to our local Ocean Springs, MS brides by featuring a unique venue and incredibly talented vendors. Photos coming soon! (check Paige's website and facebook page for updates. hint, hint: there is one up now!)

Now-- time to pack, and let the moving process begin! Check back or follow me on Twitter and Instagram for #movingday updates. 


  1. "Comparison is the thief of joy." This statement is bringing some peace to me. My wedding was over a year ago, and since then has come waves of jealousy and regret from looking at other people's weddings and engagement rings. I've been feeling that the dress I wore was mediocre, and that I could have picked a better one. I regret not inviting more people. I wish it was video graphed. I wish I had more cool and creative photos. I keep kicking myself because I'm married, and I won't ever have the chance again to try on dresses/fix these mistakes.

    I need to stop comparing myself to others. On my wedding day, I felt beautiful. I was the happiest I'd ever been. My wedding was the most beautiful and awesome thing ever, and everyone was happy. I guess I'm spewing this all here because it's been on my mind haunting me for a while, and I needed to get it out, and I decided to to it on your blog. Thanks for the quote!

    Melissa Blevens

  2. Hi Melissa!

    I do the same thing... and It's terrible! That is why the above quote has become somewhat of a mantra. Although it feels like your wedding day was your one day to shine, I believe that is completely FALSE! You and Chris have a love that shines everyday! I believe that is worth celebrating. What's stopping us from doing that (well, besides time and money??? ha.) Take those creative pictures. Video the special everyday moments. And PLEASE wear fancy dresses.

    I know that you were a stunning bride :) Feeling beautiful on your big day makes it all the more fun.

    Thank you so much for reading, and especially sharing. Please keep in touch!


  3. Haha, thanks so much, Christine! You could write an advice column :) I will take your advice!