So good to see you!

It is great to be back in the blogoshere, my friends. 

The last few days I have been in full force project mode. First of all, I have been glued to the computer working on revamping this blog. While the changes are very minor, it has take LOTS of googleing-- like googling words in the article I just googled.  HTML codes really had me questioning my sanity (and also had me a little cross eyed), but now I am a proud owner of my very own domain name. Now begins the process of transfering all the info to the new website and hoping that it all makes it there (which is a real gamble considering I have NO idea what I'm doing). Then for the fun part-- this marketing major gets to do something a know a liiitttttlle about, rebranding this bad boy, and finding a niche for my journal in a huge (and nearly over saturated) marketplace.
Thanks to the readers who give me encouragement every time they view this blog-- stay with me!

Like I said, I am in FULL force project mode... so that also means thrifting for apartment furniture and meetings at fancy bakeries with local wedding vendors. I am working with the very talented Paige Reaux of Paige Reaux Photography (website here) to put together a styled wedding shoot. She is a dream to work (and sometimes just play) with-- fun, motivated, and extremely talented.  If you are planning a wedding, I highly, HIGHLY recommend her (plus, she has some great specials that will make your budget very happy!).

Paige snapped this shot of me to feature my new Bonlook glasses-- the "geek" is really coming out in me (must be all the HTML coding). Bonlook has stylish and affordable prescription glasses and some fantastic shades! They are so much fun to wear when you just want to feel a little different, or for those running errands and "top knot" kind-of-days. At $99 (including your prescription) ya just can't beat it!

 (style above: Smoking Hot, color: Caramel)


  1. Hi Christine! I pulled up your facebook link to show my mom your wedding photos. When I saw this post about cute glasses, I just wanted to give a shout out to Warby Parker glasses (, because the only thing better than $99 glasses are $95 glasses from a B Corporation ( that help fund a non-profit that trains low-income men and women to sell affordable glasses to their community in the developing world.
    Not as helpful if you already have a pair, but I got some last year before I left for South Sudan and love them! They even ship you up to five styles at a time to try on at home for free :) & they have prescription sunglasses!
    Hope things are well!

  2. Hi Katie! Thank you so much for reading my blog! Thank you for the tip on the Warby Parker frames after browsing (and making a lengthy wish list for myself-- and charity of course) I recommended them to a friend looking to buy some new glasses! Please stay in touch :)