A Woodsy Loft

 Our loft in downtown Fort Smith, AR is a real gem. We immediately fell in love with the high ceilings, wall of giant windows, and exposed piping, so despite the wall we share with a bar... we had to have it. This weekend, with the help of our family, Chris and I were able to move in, and it didn't take long for us to feel right at home. Unpacking our wedding gifts from layers upon layers of bubble wrap was like a Christmas in July. With each item we unwrapped we thought of the person in our life that so generously gave to help us start our home together. Those thoughts are quite comforting. 

Everything is out of boxes, but we still have a ways to go. Decorating a home is indeed a journey. 
Here is a peak at what we have so far...

We began by putting in some open, window shelving to display our Shearwater pottery and make the best use of space in our teensy kitchen. I scooped up many bamboo drawer organizers from TJMaxx for the kitchen and bathroom. Photographed above is our Bygones silver from BHLDN.com (Pssst. It's on sale now!!). It's a very eclectic collection of silver plated pieces. 
These things have become our everyday kitchen ware because 1) there is just not room for multiple  sets of dishes or flatware and 2) Why shouldn't every meal with your husband be fancy?? Even if you're eating dinner wrap, after lunch wrap, after breakfast wrap. 

Lastly, our lone plush chair. Chris and I take turns sitting in it. We need a couch, y'all. There are not many modern sofa options in Fort Smith, and shipping is like a katrillion dollars for the couches I've been lusting after online. So today the local search continues-- wish me luck!

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