Happy February!

February 1st kicks of a month of love, so it only seemed appropriate for Chris and I to shop for wedding bands. I am ecstatic to celebrate Valentines Day with a Fiance... okay, so we never have any extravagant plans, but looking through pink and red crafts, handmade valentines, chocolates, and heart-shaped baked goods on Pinterest has me oh, so giddy! 

I am very aware that this celebration of love is quite commercial, a Hallmark holiday if you will, but from a marketing standpoint-- IT'S GENIUS. I love being in the business of love-- this summer I interned with a wedding planner (hearing proposal stories never got old, and yes-- i cried at EVERY wedding), but my calling goes beyond that. My dream is to help every poor guy out there plan grand romantic gestures for their ladies. Birthdays. Proposals. Anniversaries...  If any guys out there dare to read this prissy blog, I'd be glad to help (don't be ashamed!). 

I Love You ribbon
ring dish

We love because He first Loved us. 1 John 4:19

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