Play day with my Mama Bear...

Started out with a workout-- Zumba. Heard of it?? I had too, but ohh booyy was I in for a treat. Let's just say Hispanic dancing is not my strong point. I learned that I am not nearly as coordinated as I have given myself credit for. I ended making up my own dances at many points during the class and cracking up at myself (that counts for a good ab work out, right?)... and then at some point we began throwing punches  and kicking.. (Hip- Hop Kick Box meets Zumba) what??-- not to mention there was a likely 75 year old man in the room?-- gotta love the YMCA. 

Let me just say I have earned a yummy lunch. So, off to a lunch date and then some wedding planning fun. 

Love this Spring Bear print from Etsy. It is likely one will be hanging in The Woods's new home. 

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