Happy Valentines Day! 

A day celebrating love, that's what I'm all about... and this year I celebrated this momentous day with a finance! Well, okay, there wasn't much celebrating going on... the sweat shirt I wore to make and eat our pea pesto chicken pasta (... not your traditional valentines meal) was faded somewhere in pink and red. That's festive right? 

I began the holiday by treating myself to an extra hour of sleep and listening to love songs as I decked out in workout clothes in many, MANY shades of pink. During my break between classes I attended a fabulous yoga class. Why does this matter?? Well, because I am showing myself love! and THAT, my friends, is important. 

So, my day was actually rather ordinary, but what is more special than a day dedicated to celebrating things that I am about everyday of the year?-- flowers, love songs, shades of pink, gourmet chocolates, proposals, grand romantic gestures, dinner dates, surprises, and stationary. 

A few Valentines day favorites (shown above): Print by Yellow Button Studio on Etsy, Succulent Valentine-- love the "blue valentine" found on Rancho Reubidoux, and Mast Brothers chocolates (which I highly recommend) .



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