Let's just talk about the SERIOUS case of spring fever I caught yesterday. Not a cloud in the sky and perfect temps, I broke out my Chacos and played outside ALL DAY! (and today I am snuggled up in my chunky cable knit hiding inside from the looming rain clouds and damp cold). It was quite an inspiration, as I will be getting married in May (a beautiful, spring month in the mountains), to make so progress on the very long process of finding bridesmaids dresses. 

Let me backtrack a bit....

When planning my "dream" wedding it was going to be a classic, timeless affair. I would look back on the pictures and my wedding would NEVER be out of style-- however, when these dreams of a wedding became a reality I discovered there are many trends that I absolutely love. One trend being mixed-match bridesmaid dresses (hopefully I won't look back on this and think, "what was I thinking?!"-- we'll see). 

I may be biased, but I believe that my friends are the most beautiful people in the world (click here if you don't believe me). Each of them are unique-- not one of them look alike (not even my sisters). So if there was one thing I decided pretty quickly it was that it would be crazy to put all of them in the same dress... so they will be wearing an array of dresses in our color palette that reflect their own uniqueness. 

Finding the right combination of perfectly mixed-match dresses was not as easy as I expected. After months of scavenging the world wide web, my roomies and I decided to tackle the task once and for all! Well, almost-- we now how 4/5 bridesmaid dresses in the perfect  shades of blush, petal pink, and soft browns with a gold hue. I am know searching for the PERFECT champagne dress to tie them all together (open for any suggestions!!). 

Since I have managed to get behind on keeping everyone up to date, and we are on the subject of beautiful dresses.... I think I'll play a little Wedding Wednesday catch-up. 

Wedding Dress Shopping: 
This has been one of the most special preparations for being a bride.  
Planning a wedding in 6 months, and waiting til there were only 4 1/2 months left to being shopping (something must be wrong with me) did not leave me much wiggle room-- it was crunch time when it came to the ordering process (Just a tip... GO DRESS SHOPPING EARLY). However, it's true what people tell you-- when you know, you know! 

The hunt began in New Orleans, LA (in case you want to catch up). I tried on many gowns that were in fact beautiful, but I just didn't have that feeling-- you know the one you've all seen on say yes to the dress. I didn't know if it was the sense of urgency that came with waiting so long, or the pressure from the sales ladies. While incredible memories were made with my mom, mother-in-law to be, and sisters. I did not leave  with a dress. 

It was only a week and a half later when I met my mom in Jackson-- just the two of us, as it was time to get down to business. We had two appointments at bridal salons and we nearly canceled the second one and chose one of the dresses that I liked (not loved--liked). 

I couldn't be more thankful we decided to go because the dress of my dreams was waiting for me at A Southern Affair  in Jackson, MS.  

The prices were great! I was helped by the Owner herself (Oh, how I love small business owners who love their business), and she made me feel very special!

I have a couple more pics to come, but for now I'm off to class...

Happy Wednesday!

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