Yay! It's Friday! And there is nothing I'd rather do (besides go to dinner with my husband who is visiting me in Little Rock) than show some love to my readers with a Friday-treat giveaway! 

 And the winner is.......

Stephanie at The Phanie Pack

She will be getting this fun red surprise in the mail from me:
Papyrus card
Essie "Russian Red" polish
And a Target gift card 

... And it is way past due for me to get out of this Red and Khaki and go out with Mr. Woods. Let's do this again soon! 


  1. What a precious little package to recieve in the mail. Stephanie is a lucky girl! Happy Friday to the Woods!



  2. Congrats, Stephanie!

    Christine, you just keep in mind you don't have to win any contests for me to send you something...just sayin'. Haha. But we'll have this conversation again after Tuesday I'm sure. [HINT HINT] (:

  3. Sarah, you are so thoughtful! Thank you!