Every time you read this blog you get a look inside this crazy mind of mine.  

If you looked in one of these journals, you'd see... all of my crazy thoughts in list form. 

1. Planner 
although I'm aware I can do nearly everything ever from my iphone, I don't make it far without my trusty hardback moleskine planner. This bad boy is packed full of travel dates and daily to-do lists.

2. Moleskine large ruled notebook 2 pack
One of these kelly green beauts has been filled with wedding details: monthly and daily lists, countdowns, vendor info and IDEAS. It's already been fun to look back on since the entire process can become much of a blur. 
It's twin journal fit's ever so nicely into the back of my khaki's. It is filling up fast with Target business college notes, how to's, and advice from my team members. 

3. "She's a dreamer, a doer, a thinker. She sees possibility everywhere"
Snagged this sweet notebook during the target back to school madness. The inspiring quote on the front cover makes it a perfect pad for me to jot down blogging outlines, ideas, and resources. 

4. For the night stand
Some times it's hard for me to turn my mind off at night (and sleep is VERY important to me). Keeping a journal bedside allows me to leave my thoughts. sleep soundly. and pick up the next day where I left off. It hold true that some of the weirdest (and grandest) ideas come in the middle of the night... it's always good to have a pen and paper ready. 

5. Line-a-day gratitude journal
There is certainly something good in every day. Someone may have lied to you and said being married is easy and always beautiful, moving to a new place isn't difficult, and grown up jobs are a walk in the park. It all comes with challenges (most of which are very comical). Chris and I enjoy reflecting back on the day and recording a positive memory for the day, so we can look back on our first year of marriage and remember the happy times we've shared.

6. Love Letters
While Chris and I were apart during his back country trip to the Yukon, Canada we kept Journals for each other, and exchanged them upon his return. They are so happy to be in the same household on the same book shelve. These words from my husband are truly my most treasured possession. (I just love seeing the inside of his mind!)


  1. Nice idea to record your life journey in journals :))

  2. Thanks, Mama Bear! I must have gotten it from you.