Thank you, Steve. For silly movies, great banjo diddlys, and inspirational quotes. 

Training week 3 is now underway, and what better way to ring it in than with an iPhone alarm clock?.... At 2:55. AM. Nope, no mistake here. 2:55 with thirty brief minutes to get ready and hit the road for a forty minute drive. I typically consider myself a morning person.... But 4am?

 I'm re-evaluating. 

I think I will insert a clause:  I am a morning person*
*if there is a sunrise and/or breakfast involved

I rewarded a hard days work (and averted a nap) by browsing a few of the Conway, AR antique shops and flea markets only to stumble across a real gem, where I met the newest addition to our loft... (more on this later)

But first, the Target tour of Arkansas continues. Little Rock. Conway. Fort Smith. Fayetteville. Little rock. In the next four days.  (insert: weekend with my husband) Then, three more weeks taining in Little Rock.


  1. Don'y you just LOVE that drive from FS to Fayetteville? I miss it.

    You two need a getaway to Eureka Springs. You could shop (and eat) yourself silly there.

  2. It is SUCH a lovely drive. I've heard such nice things about Eureka Springs, but we haven't had the chance to make it there yet! Looking forward to a little get away. All your recommendations have been spot on... Thank you!