Oh, what a weekend. 

As I told you yesterday, my husband had a surprise up his sleeve... and there we were. Pedastal Rock in Ozark National Forrest for the greatest [meteor] show on earth! 

Beautiful, right?

I have been known to be a bit high maintenance.  In fact, it's hard for me to imagine how Chris even puts up with me... but he does. Much of the time he even indulges me. For example, while packing for this trip.. He graciously made room for wine, chocolate, my electric toothbrush, and two cardigans-- which I almost didn't get away with, but I simply explained it might be chilly or chilly-er and it just never hurts to be prepared. (And when it was in the sixties-- yes, SIXTIES this morning, guess who wasn't cold!) 

We are learning more and more that marriage is often about compromise.

I am grateful to have someone to wisp me off me feet and into the woods. I often believe it is his passion that drives our relationship (or at least gets us in to some pretty entertaining/fun situations). I'll go ahead and speak for Chris, and say, he is also grateful for me yelling for us to pull over at several antique shops on the way to camp. (and also for pointing out good places to U turn since we had already passed them.)

Last night we watched stars fall until we couldn't hold our eyes open, fell asleep to night noises (instead of our "river" noisemaker to drown out the bar next door), and woke up to rain drops (I brought two cardigans, zero rain jackets). Packed up just in time to scurry down the mountain and grab some donuts for breakfast. 

We will be heading to work this week feeling quite refreshed. Time spent outside is good for the soul. 


  1. You and Chris are very fortunate to have such a simple/strong relationship! Never take that for granted & always make time for fun! SO very happy for y'all!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous little get away! And compromise is definitely the key in any relationship :)

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