Have a Coke and a Smile

Coke On Ice Coca Cola Bottles Print (1966)

There is nothing in this world more refreshing than a Coca~Cola, and it never fails to amaze me the way that a it will turn my day around. There is just something about the sweetness and the bubble of an ice-cold Coke that nothing else can touch.

Today was  a hard day at work-- the event planning industry isn't always easy. Well, it's rarely easy, but today was ROUGH. On my way to make a drop at the post office I looked down at my clock. 3:47. Could I make it?! If you know me at all, you know that there is only one thing I could be thinking at that present moment-- HAPPY HOUR AT SONIC IS ALMOST OVER!... And yes. I made it, and the day was saved.

You may be wondering why I would take so much time to post about a beverage. Well, because the first quiet moment I had today I was flooded with happy memories,  many of which involved Coca~Cola.
I thought of camping trips with ice chests full of all the soda a seven-year-old could imagine.
I thought of the first drink I bought on my 21st birthday (yes, a coke!).
I thought of my mom pouring me a glass before long talks on our back porch.
 I thought of Cokes and sun tanning with my sisters.
 I thought of sleepovers at Nana and Pawpaws when I could drink Coke as late as I wanted and stay up and watch TV.
I thought of Sunday lunches at Honey's when she would buy mini-cokes for all the grand kids. 
I thought of  Happy hours with best friends and meeting my roomie in the Union between classes, as if we weren't going to see each other in an hour at the apartment.
I thought of Route 44s EVERYDAY before work at Gabbie's on the Avenue.
I thought of giving up Coke every year for lent, and I also thought of it being the longest forty days of my life.
And always, I think of drinking a glass bottled Coke with my great grandmother Marie.

Probably my favorite thought I had occurred to me as I was typing this.
The thought of Chris bringing me a Coke after I got out of the hospital from having a kidney stone removed.
I'm sure he hardly understands all my quirks, but after six years he knows them all...
and he knew that would make me VERY happy.
He really is the best.

It's the simple things in life, right?
So, may I encourage you all to indulge in something you enjoy?
Have a Coke and a Smile.

Enough reminiscing... but in the spirit of Coca~Cola, what better way to add a personal touch and vintage flair to your wedding?

coke drink bar
I love the idea of using a classic soda and antiques to bring a sense of timelessness to an event. I love the familiar pop of red, which is far from understated, but not over-the-top. This soda bar is simultaneously rustic and elegant-- and well, it's simply lovely. Not to mention a refreshing surprise for guests.

Searching for and refinishing antiques is always a good time, and it is a great way to involve friends and family in your big day. Wedding planning should be a time for making sweet memories, not stress-- that's the wedding planner's job :). Think of what great conversational pieces they will be when entertaining in your new home.

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