Well, the month of November came and went without a single post and here we are a week into December. So what was going on? Lots. and lots. 

October 29th I started my new corporate marketing position with a long term care company. A position where I am challenged every day and get to do what I love. A company where my husband also happens to work and I am privileged to wake up with him. Eat breakfast with him. Ride to work with him. Sometimes eat breakfast while I ride to work with him..... It's just fun. Plain and simple.

The 1st of November I flew home for a meeting at our Ocean Springs office.... and I was also able to surprise my (not so baby) baby sister on her senior night. This moment. Guys. The coolest. 

And it was soon there after we made the drive home for Thanksgiving, with a little pit stop in Starkville, MS to watch MSU beat Arkansas! Oh, such fun. We were able to hug some dear friends, eat at a few of our favorite restaurants, and wear maroon clothes. 

We had the most fantastic Thanksgiving celebration. In comparison to many years it was seemingly small, and Chris and I were blessed to share one meal with both families. There was turkey and dressing, fall veggies, fresh cranberry sauce and Mmm a spread of desserts that made me want to die... and the best part. We got to do it all over again at the Woods' house the next day, only with brothers! So much fun. 

During November we also celebrated the anniversary of our engagement and six months of marriage... I guess there is a reason that this is my very favorite time of the year (well, besides crisp, cool weather and pumpkin everything). So by celebrated, I don't mean a fancy dinner or gifts... I mean ordering wedding photos (finally) and reminiscing over every moment captured on film. 

Life is just happening folks-- and it's happening fast. I'm SO sorry for my lack of attention to posting, but I just don't want to miss any of these moments. If you are one of the sweet people who keep up with the Woods, don't you worry... I will be back soon! In the meantime, follow me on Instagram @missc_woods. 

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