Party Time

Birthdays have always been a big deal in the Lemon household-- or Birth-weeks as we like to call them. Somehow, Cathryn Marie Lemon, has managed to stretch her celebration out for the entire month. I have humored her because I have NEVER spent a birthday away from home, and well... birthdays are incredibly fun. This morning I woke up at 7:30  to fetch birthday donuts.. (Shipley's hardly compares to Tato-nut, but donuts are a birthday must) a stop by Strange Brew (Cat loves her coffee) and of course a birthday wake-up song.

This afternoon I decided I had to make Cathryn a cake.
Baking is not one of my talents, but I had to try. After a run to the Piggly-Wiggly, Alex got me started mixing, pouring, etc. and left after giving me specific instructions when both layers were safely in the oven. I preceded to help Chris finish dinner (grilled chicken and romaine salad with feta dressing-- YUM!) Meanwhile, chocolate cake was overflowing and filling the bottom of our brand new oven.  Although extremely chaotic, I managed to finish the cake without burning it (or the entire house down).

It was a MASTERPIECE... Double layered, chocolate cake smothered in white icing, and COVERED with Snowcaps. Topped with 19, Yes, NINETEEN, hot pink candles.

Happy Birthday, Cathryn. You are very special.

I love you!

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